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Addiction University is always looking for new organizational partners as well as new ways to spread our message throughout the community. We are always looking for new partners. You can reach us at 408-379-9488 or at info@loreetaylorjordan.com

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National Eating Disorder
Awareness (NEDA) Week
Feb 20-26, 2011

Our aim of NEDAwareness Week is to ultimately prevent eating disorders and body image issues while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment. Eating disorders are serious, life-threatening illnesses — not choices — and it’s important to recognize the pressures, attitudes and behaviors that shape the disorder.

NEDAwareness Week is a collective effort of primarily volunteers, including eating disorder professionals, health care providers, students, educators, social workers, and individuals committed to raising awareness of the dangers surrounding eating disorders and the need for early intervention and treatment.

"WOW! Until hearing Loree, I never realized how a student could seem totally fine on the outside but on the inside they're experiencing an addictive behavior. Loree has a message that both students and staff must hear and could help to save lives!"

-James Malinchak, "Two-Time College Speaker of the Year!" Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

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